End of Farmer’s Market?? No problem with our CSA & Cow Share programs!

We are happy to announce that we are offering our CSA programs for this upcoming Fall/Winter. This is for both grassfed and grainfed beef. Delivery is available to Quincy & Macomb & possibly other areas!  Please check out the page on CSA programs and contact us for more information.   We also have available Cow Shares for both grassfed and grainfed for this winter. This is a known quantity of beef for a set price that includes shipping. Check out our page on Cow Shares and contact us for details.  Email Heather at althoffbeef@gmail.com

New Policy on Deposits for Quarters/Halves

We have great customers and we truly appreciate all of you that have supported us over the years. It has become necessary to require a deposit for quarters/halves/whole beef.  We’ve added the below deposit policy and have a contract that any interested party must sign. This is effective on February 17, 2017.

All quarters and halves must have $100 deposit paid at time of signing contract. The deposit is put towards the final bill. The rest of the balance is due upon pickup. No payment of balance, no beef. After 30 days of non-payment of balance after beef processing is done, you forfeit deposit and beef. The deposit is refundable if you let us know 2 weeks before the processing date that you need to cancel. We do accept credit cards as well as check, money order, and cash.

We don’t want to sound rude but the actions of a few have required this. Think about it in these terms, you don’t go to your local grocery store and grab items off the shelves and tell the check out clerk that you’ll pay for them later, do you??  No, you don’t, you’d be charged with theft. So we hope that you understand why we’ve had to do this. Thanks!!

Happy Cows Equal Excellent Beef!

We raise antibiotic and hormone free grass-fed & grass-finished beef as well as grainfed beef.  All of our beef is raised on pasture in Adams County, Illinois.  Our cows have access to fresh grass, hay, water, and shelter.  We can sell beef by the individual package, bundle, quarter, half, and whole.  Our beef can be found at the Macomb Food Coop and Grown N Gathered in Quincy.  Please email althoffbeef@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions!